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InteliSeed offers specialised seed and seed care solutions through dedicated and qualified Seed Specialists and Representatives in a nationwide network throughout South Africa.

InteliSeed is the well-established and integrated representative brand which forms part of the InteliChem group, which offers a complete and integrated crop solution service. With our headquarters in Krugersdorp and various depots throughout South Africa, InteliSeed is in the favourable position to supply all our growers, processors and nurseries with high-quality material, the best genetics and disease treated packages.

InteliSeed’s product portfolio is strengthened through the exclusive distribution agreement with Syngenta vegetable seeds, and this secures constant introduction of new genetics in the vegetable seed sectors. In addition, vegetable, canola, pasture, maize and soya crop markets are supplemented from other selective supply sources to complement the seed portfolio.

Our oil seed focus is on sunflower-, soya- and canola seed, through dedicated and focused partnerships.

Screening, testing and evaluation of new varieties are offered and contribute towards strong and reliable partnerships.

Through the integration with InteliGro Crop Solution Specialists, the InteliSeed Seed Specialists promote an integrated crop offering with specialist focus, while remaining complementary towards the objective of optimised output and quality.

To promote sustainable food security.

To be the preferred seed and related technology provider that promotes sustainable agriculture to the African continent.

InteliSeed is the exclusive distributor for Syngenta Vegetable Seeds in South Africa and our range is completed by Evolve seeds.

InteliSeed focuses on the trustworthy delivery of excellent seeds for better quality food and higher yielding crops.

The drive is to improve flavour, quality, productivity and convenience for the grower, marketer, retailer and the consumer.

InteliSeed is the national distributor of the SOYIELD range cultivars from Southern Hemisphere Seeds, with 4 tested cultivars commercially available for producers.

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InteliSeed NAMPO Soybeans

Soybeans Growth Habit

Soyield introduction

InteliSeed supplies pasture seeds from a range of unique seed varieties that will bring about a total revolution in grazing and land use in South Africa. Be part of the programme to farm effectively!
Our portfolio is supplied by our main suppliers: AGT Foods, Agricol and Brazseed.

AGT Foods ensures a wide range of speciality crops as well as quality value-added pulses where their geographic footprint extends from South Africa, Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Providing premium seeds, they offer diversified opportunities to grow specialised crops that cater to any market, ideal for the rich potential of South African turf.
Agricol is a well-established seed company that has already made deep inroads into the South African and International markets for almost 60 years. Their activities include plant breeding, production, international trade, processing and distribution of seed.
Brazseed’s suppliers range pertains to seed varieties that have been in development for the past 40 years and has its origins in Africa to suit our special requirements. They also enter the market with three uniquely developed varieties tested and proven in soil conditions in South Africa and Africa.

InteliSeed is constantly busy with screening projects on new genetic material to expand and strengthen our portfolio, which is already strongly supported by Agricol sunflower seeds. We offer cultivars that are well established with high oil content, high yield potential and fantastic area adaptability.
The following cultivars are well established with high yield potential and fantastic area adaptability:
InteliSeed supplies the full Agricol range: AGSUN 5101CLP, AGSUN 5102CLP, AGSUN 5103CLP, AGSUN 5104CLP, AGSUN 5106CLP, AGSUN 5109CLP, AGSUN 8251, AGSUN 5278, AGSUN 5270, AGSUN 5273 — See information PDF below.

The InteliSeed seed portfolio is supplied by AGT Cover Crops & Forages, a division of AGT Foods Africa. AGT produces and supplies high quality seed varieties that are suited to the South African context.

InteliSeed's product range includes wheat varieties from the Pannar range to optimise productivity.

InteliSeed is a supplier of a range of leading white, yellow and green maize seeds to maximise farming profitability.

The InteliSeed supplies a winning combination of dry bean varieties with excellent yield potential, disease resistance and grain quality characteristics.
InteliSeed invested in the combined Intelekt Solutions trial sites, together with InteliGro and Meridian, to verify certain suggested solutions and to give the opportunity to test different products and programmes to the benefit of our clients. This programme supports our ambitions to bring new genetics to South African growers.

These concept scientific trials support our technical advice and keep us a leader in the industry. This is very important in a market where there is an oversupply of different products and opinions.

Currently we have trial sites in Brits, Sedgefield, Christiana, Polokwane and Botswana - five vastly different areas to supply the very best information. More trial sites are planned for the future; watch this space!

Barry Erasmus

Managing Director

Lenie Venter

Operational Manager

An important part of our service as your provider of high-quality seed and seed treatment solutions, is our trained and professional Seed Specialists who support Growers countrywide in a broad field of crops. Feel free to contact them with any requirements.
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InteliSeed depots
Polokwane — 015 297 2056
Sedgefield — 044 011 0060
Kraaifontein — 011 660 7481 (ext 525)
cnr Market & Adolf Schneider Streets
Krugersdorp 1739
South Africa
PostNet Suite 157
Private Bag X3
Paardekraal 1752
South Africa
T: +27 11 660 7481
  • Seed and seed treatment expertise
  • Latest genetic material
  • Screening, testing and evaluation of potential varieties
  • Established trial sites in different geographical regions across South Africa
  • Specialising in tested varieties of:
    • Vegetable seeds
    • Oil seeds (Sunflower and Soybean)
    • Legume and pasture seeds
  • Specialist technical advice and support through our professional seed specialist and representative network
Read more about our products and services by taking a look at our informative brochure.
“I want to thank the InteliSeed team for their consistent product development, service and support in the fruit and vegetable field. You are truly an asset to the agricultural industry and it is a privilege to work with you.

In2Food is looking forward to many new product developments with InteliSeed, with your typical ‘open approach’ way of doing business.”

Stian Oosthuizen
Produce Procurement Manager, In2Food
“It has always been a privilege to work with InteliSeed through the years. What always stood out is the excellent service, genetic material, terms and prices that we have always received as a business and agricultural industry, which, in difficult economic circumstances, allowed us to keep growing.

Thank you for constantly supporting the farmers in difficult times, your open hand approach to help with sponsorships in the community is also greatly appreciated.”

Neil Rautenbach
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