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An important part of our service as your provider of high-quality seed and seed treatment solutions, is our trained and professional Seed Specialists who support Growers countrywide in a broad field of crops. Feel free to contact them with any requirements.
  • Seed and seed treatment expertise
  • Latest genetic material
  • Screening, testing and evaluation of potential varieties
  • Established trial sites in different geographical regions across South Africa
  • Specialising in tested varieties of:
    • Vegetable seeds
    • Oil seeds (Sunflower and Soybean)
    • Legume and pasture seeds
  • Specialist technical advice and support through our professional seed specialist and representative network
Read more about our products and services by taking a look at our informative brochure.
“I want to thank the InteliSeed team for their consistent product development, service and support in the fruit and vegetable field. You are truly an asset to the agricultural industry and it is a privilege to work with you.

In2Food is looking forward to many new product developments with InteliSeed, with your typical ‘open approach’ way of doing business.”

Stian Oosthuizen
Produce Procurement Manager, In2Food
“It has always been a privilege to work with InteliSeed through the years. What always stood out is the excellent service, genetic material, terms and prices that we have always received as a business and agricultural industry, which, in difficult economic circumstances, allowed us to keep growing.

Thank you for constantly supporting the farmers in difficult times, your open hand approach to help with sponsorships in the community is also greatly appreciated.”

Neil Rautenbach